La Grace offers to the guests two options – similarly as it was on ships in the history on their way to the West Indies, for example.

-    The passengers have their two-berth cabin and are free of duty, like in a hotel. The price for a two-berth cabin (depending on a season) is EUR 1.080 – 1.200 a week, i.e. 600 a person. This price includes a possibility of an extra bed for a child in the cabin (for free).
-    The other group are so called cadets. They sleep in two common cabins on the fore and they have to (like on other charter boats) participate on the daily tasks. They will have to have watches, navigate, pull the ropes, but also help in the kitchen.

It is necessary, like on other charter boats, to add costs of the travel to the boarding place, contribution for the food and other costs (diesel, water, gas). If you have no special requirements, the contribution does not go over EUR 120 a week.

You will find the list of the cruises under the Cruise Schedule, where you can also book them.

Of course, you can always buy vouchers which you can use for any future cruise. More information here.

In case of any question, or a special wish, you can address  Romana Bezdekova -, mobil: +420 725777425