Czech sail training ship La Grace ran ashore during the night of 26.10. at spanish coast near port Marbella. The accident came unexpected in several minutes; the anchor slackened in strong winds and main engine didn’t start in time. La Grace hit the rocky shelf, lost her rudder and possibility to steer away from disaster. Waves pushed her against the shallow, where she’s now lying, exposed to elements, taking on sand through hole in the hull.

Captain Josef Dvorský, navigator Petr Scheirich, master carpenter Vilém Pavlica – and others who fulfilled our dreams creating this magnificent replica of 18th century brig – are now trying to rescue the ship; a difficult, yet possible  achievement. Enemies we face are time and weather. Waves act like hammers, slowly eating away what artisans created.

La Grace was repaired in spanish port of SotoGrande and launched aggain on 6. 8. 2013